Connecting At the Core

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When I think of connections, its about a powerful Internal process of completely being. Being one
with the energies. Its about the emotions that most of us are born with. Love , sympathy, empathy
and compassion.
But due to various reasons or events in life , we loose our connectedness. We get into a state of
withdrawal, or even feelings of disconnectedness. To protect ourselves.
Its neither good nor bad to be disassociated. But long term disassociation can cause loosing out your
own basic loving nature.

I truly believe in the basis of psychology, which says “ We are all born pure and in love” but
circumstances and situations make us otherwise. This basic Ideology then creates an Imbalance
within us.
So do if we are disconnected, do we need to stop loving people , do we need to stop caring for
others and do we need to create a bubble of isolation.
So if we need to practice Connecting, there is one startling fact , we need to give up. We need to give
up on ourselves. We need to get over ourselves. It doesn’t mean you cant be in your own bubble,
but it also means that you can still be out there serving.
Its called Disassociated – Association. Or disconnected connectedness. The basic belief is that you
are a pure being and you cannot stop your kindness and compassionate self.
Feel the compassion and you will have a super blessed day.
So the key to impacting others is by being compassionate, by being kind.
How to develop kindness despite the world being wrong.
Imagine a bubble of white light surrounding you. Take a moment to acknowledge the divine

Now who ever you wish to connect with at a physical level, could be a Client, a partner or even a
prospect. If you connect with any individual at the core level, and wish good for them. You will be
able to drive excellent results.
So in that beautiful light now bring forth that person and send them divine white light and send an
intention to connect for pureness and empowerment , let them know through energies that you
wish to empower their life with all the goodness and success. And you are in their life for a reason
and for growth. With these intentions, now imagine the light entering their energies and cleansing
all the negative energies.
Once you do that thank them.

Connecting at the core is about developing enhanced relationships for long term , rather than for
just selling your product or wanting something from the other person. Be connected , be loved,
spread cheer.

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