Healing the Ancestors and Blessing them

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Today I will be speaking of how I once heard a phrase , that we are our own ancestors. We have our
genetic makeup , which transcends from generation to generation. Most of us believe that our issues
are from the current lifetime. But our challenges stem from generation after generation, so also
even our blessings come from there.

Revering our ancestors
Most indigenous cultures believe that their ancestors are a vital force in their lives. This is especially
true among Native Americans and the Aborigines and even Hindus or even Greeks. For example, the
Navajo honor the perspective of seven generations of their ancestral lineage when making a
significant decision that affects their family or community. Even though the ancestor & body is no
longer alive, that person's soul is thought to be very much alive.


Imagine walking through life with you’re the power of your ancestors by your side, providing you
with strength and support. Making you feel an en compassed knowledge from ages before you wre
born. This transformative blessing work can help untangle deep-seeded negative family patterns and
empower you to create your own light.
Blessing our Ancestors have great Benefits like getting inner intuitive guidance and living a peace
filled life.
To Heal your past , you must bless your past. Its not rocket science and you don’t have to put in lots
of effort. Just make Sure each day when you awaken , Bless your 7 generations past and 7
generations future.

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