Get to Know Your Aura

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Most of us would know that we are governed by our divine energy. As spiritual beings in physical
bodies, we are each surrounded by an energy field that is commonly known as an ‘aura’. The oval-
shaped auric field is made up of Seven separate layers that radiates and vibrate through the body
and extend about three feet outside of our physical body.

The aura and its colours reveal information about your wellbeing , mind set and attitude towards
life. Just like Louise hay has stated in her book, you can heal your life. Our physical world is an
extension of what’s going on in our internal world. The Internal world is the True North.
When you learn to see the colour’s surrounding people , you realize that we are all prisoners of our
mindset and belief. The moment we heal each chakra , our energy by default clears up and a new
thought originates.

The Colours of the Aura
The colours of the aura indicate the frequency of your own individual energy, your thoughts,
feelings, your awareness. If your Auric field is Bright and shiny it means you have a strong Aura and
are in good health, positive and energetic. If your Aura is Dark, murky and muddled colours then it
can show that you have a lot of negativity, lethargy and imbalance. The colours often appear as
blocks, bursts, debris or smoke that surround the physical form.
Each Colour Represents a particular Mind set , and each mindset is connected to the way you
operate in life. And its invariably connected to one’s belief system

So lets understand each Aura in its descending order. We shall understand each chakra in terms of
its colour .

Red (Root) It is about your emotions of Security or Survival issues.
Orange (Sacral) stands for issues connected to courage
Yellow (Solar ) Stands for all emotions , and the way that you respond to it. It could be positive or
Green (Heart) For emotions (Love, sympathy ,empathy and compassion)
Blue (Throat) stands for communication and our ability to communicate in any situation.
Indigo (3 rd eye) this is your intuitive centre and your sixth sense abilities.
Purple (Crown) this is the creative centre and works well for letting new ideas and inspirations occur
to you.

Each Aura if strengthened will give you more power in that zone. Each of us is will for sure have
positive and negative thoughts , so non judgement towards oneself is essential, if you to read
someone else’s aura as well, you need to have more humble approach. According to psychology we
humans are the most difficult to comprehend. But the chakra system speaks through its colours,
these chakras emit the aura colours.

Aura colours are the colours of life and the more we enrich it with meditation, you shall be able to
grow rapidly. We don’t need much time to strengthen it.

Aura can be strengthened by –

1 ) Meditation – 40 mins of meditation each day will help you channelize yourself.

2) Nonjudgement – be kind to yourself and others, we all have our own story and history. No one
behaves in a particular manner because they are bad. Its just that their situations and circumstances
make them who they are and who you are.3) DE cluttering – The more you de clutter the better , inside and outside ie in your environment. Decluttering will help you release old baggage’s and can enhance the way you look at life from a
cleaner environment.

So just by these simple practice your life can be enhanced. Please do share your thoughts and

Love and Light.

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